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Our 42nd annual On Property Ram Sale will be held on Friday 17th August with 160 poll merinos on offer.  Inspection starts at 10am and the auction starts at 1pm.


We have entered 2 poll merinos in the Bendigo Ram Sale and a team of 5 poll merino rams in the Hamilton Sheepvention Ram Sale.  More details to come.


You can find us on Facebook: Glenlea Park Poll Merinos.







2017 Sale Rams

Above and Below:  a selection of the 160 poll merinos rams offered at our 41st On Property Sale in 2017


2017 Stud Reserve 160060

Above: GP 160060 Sire Banavie 130303 Micron 19.9 SD 16.6 CV 3.3 CF 99.4 A very correct ram with a silky, pure muzzle, he stands square and has a quiet temperament.  A huge wool cutter  with great lock and a deep bold crimping wool, his fleece weight was 151% of the sale rams' average.  Wool pictured below.

2016 Stud Reserve 150881

Above: GP 150881  Sire: Moorundie Park 306 Micron: 19.9, S.D. 2.8, C.V. 14.1, C.F. 99.8 A heavy cutting ram with a quality, gutsy wool. A meaty ram that is structurally correct and very pure. 881 has a very quiet temperament.  Wool  and back end pictured below