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Glenlea Park 1.5 year old ewes for sale. 220 in total to be split into two 110 head mobs. All ewes are bred from our stud sires. They have all been OJD vaccinated, mulesed, are up to date with all vaccinations and have recently been drenched. Most still have their lambs teeth. They are for sale via our Facebook page and our website and our starting price is $220 each plus GST. Please message me via facebook or here (see 'Contact Us' tab) if you want to bid on one or both of the lots at this price. Bidding closes at 12 noon Friday 30th September. I will notify those holding the bid if another offer has been made higher than their offer. Freight is to be arranged at the purchaser's cost in the week starting 1st October.


Stud Reserves, 150881 and 150567 recently shorn cut 9.8kgs and 10kgs respectively in just over 6 months growth!!  See them under our Semen Sires tab


Thank you to everyone who attended our 40th on property ram on Friday 12th August.  We sold 152 of the 162 rams on offer to a top of $33000 and an average of $2467.  Thanks to all buyers and underbidders for your support and we wish you all well with your purchases.




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2016 Sale Rams

Above and Below: 150 poll merino rams were offered at our on property ram sale on August 12th 2016.  This were the best offering of rams we have ever presented for sale.

Above and Below:  150 poll merino rams sold on property ram in2016. Bold crimping, heavy cutting wools, with meaty bodies with good structure and bone.  Averages for the sale group are 19.4u, 14.7cv, 2.7sd, 99.7 cf and averaged 98.5kgs on 3rd June.


Stud Reserve 150881

Above: GP 150881  Sire: Moorundie Park 306 Micron: 19.9, S.D. 2.8, C.V. 14.1, C.F. 99.8 A heavy cutting ram with a quality, gutsy wool. A meaty ram that is structurally correct and very pure. 881 has a very quiet temperament.  Wool  and back end pictured below